You are not just studying for your future.

You are not just studying for your future.

You are studying to save those patients.

You are studying to save that family’s mother from a lengthy jail sentence.

You are studying to teach us all.

You are studying to improve global communication.

You are studying to improve the environment.

You are studying so we learn from the past.

You are studying so technology progresses.

Who ever you are and whatever your goals are.

Your decision to study will change the world. 


FREE online reading resources

Link-fest of free online reading resources — of course some have “pay” features. Most have games/activities & reading. Also, depends on your schools block features/etc 😀…/educ…/educational-activities/  This one only has certain ones up for a period of time based on their agreement with the companies who own the books. So, if you plan on using certain books posted — may want to check in to make sure they are still up when you do a planned activity. But for just having kids log in to listen to stories on their own no problem. YouTube if you can use YouTube. PBS has a lot of stuff games/interactive things.…/best-books-to-teach-listening/…/intera…/comic/index.html International stories Scholastic has a lot of free reading from what I’ve noticed.…/students…/5Reading.htm…/ReadingFun_BooksOnline.htm Can create your own tales…/students/grade5/book1

I haven’t Free Online Stories Classics   Can look up kid friendly reading on this to use…/hedgie_loves_to_read_book… they have a a drop down list with ages…/fun_games/games.aspx… I’ve never used this website but there are stories and games.


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