I work on this late into the night and when I have time. So typos/grammar are going to be chaotic. You’ve been warned đŸ™‚ This isn’t connected to my college/etc, doing this for fun.

Northeastern State University Student teacher, setting this blog up to focus on things from what I am doing in class. It is my hope that this will help someone who is lost/confused about what they are doing through their program. I have competencies that I have done for school — not fantastic examples but examples nonetheless — I’ve also taken out information about the schools, teachers and who I am. Do not copy & past or use any part of my competencies for your own — first off they are not that great as I did them without knowing what I was doing…secondly, do the work to get the experience.. don’t skip it. Definitely look at the sources I used and see if there is a way you can incorporate them into what you are working on but no stealing, thanks.

As someone who was the first in the family to attend college.. I was pretty green to this entire process so I wanted to create something that may help someone who is in my position — starting out w/out much assistance or guidance.. or not knowing what questions to ask to get that assistance.



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