FREE online reading resources

Link-fest of free online reading resources — of course some have “pay” features. Most have games/activities & reading. Also, depends on your schools block features/etc 😀…/educ…/educational-activities/  This one only has certain ones up for a period of time based on their agreement with the companies who own the books. So, if you plan on using certain books posted — may want to check in to make sure they are still up when you do a planned activity. But for just having kids log in to listen to stories on their own no problem. YouTube if you can use YouTube. PBS has a lot of stuff games/interactive things.…/best-books-to-teach-listening/…/intera…/comic/index.html International stories Scholastic has a lot of free reading from what I’ve noticed.…/students…/5Reading.htm…/ReadingFun_BooksOnline.htm Can create your own tales…/students/grade5/book1

I haven’t Free Online Stories Classics   Can look up kid friendly reading on this to use…/hedgie_loves_to_read_book… they have a a drop down list with ages…/fun_games/games.aspx… I’ve never used this website but there are stories and games.